Understanding the right aftercare techniques following tattoo removal

Faceline brings advanced tattoo removal laser technology, PicoSure, to Cambodia, which can be used to effectively remove your tattoos with little to no scars. However, we have to carefully take care of the area in order to achieve the best results. So Faceline's experts will share some knowledge about skincare and tips for aftercare after any tattoo removal session:

Benefits: Your tattoos are effectively faded

Drawback: Blister(temporary), scars, and discomfort

Time needed to remove: The time needed to remove the tattoos depends on how long the tattoo has been on the skin, the technique that the tattoo artist used and the ink used to create them.

Why PiscoSure is effective? PicoSure is proven to be effective in tattoo removal without any scarring. Our specialists will apply anesthetic cream and use air cooler to minimise pain and offer after-care treatment.

Tattoo removal aftercare and expectations:

  • Tension and irritation which may happen for a 1 hour period
  • Numbing and tiny redness
  • Blistering may occur and is completely normal after tattoo removal, do not touch or try to pop the blister; it will go away on its own after 1-2 weeks.  
  • Your skin becomes rough for about 3-10 days after treatment but this gradually ceases on its own

What to avoid:

  • Avoid sun light on treated area; in case it can’t be avoidable, you must wear a hat or jacket

What to do: 

  • Clean the treated area with mild soap with no sensitive chemicals
  • Avoid rubbing, scratching, and shaving in the scab area
  • Apply skin moisturiser, Bioplacenton, as instructed
  • Avoid soaking the treated areas
  • Apply Triderm Len’oil if you suffer from itchiness’

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