Surgical Facial Procedure

Double Eyelid Surgery

Create double eyelid crease by incision and remove tissues such as skin, fat, and muscle.Incision method is permanent and possible to operate together with additional procedure such as ptosis correction, fat removal, and sagging skin removal to be more defined and beautiful eye shape. Also, the scar is almost invisible which makes very natural result by the doctors with abundant surgery experience.

Anti-Aging Eyelid Surgery

Customized brow lift by analyzing eye an brow shape to make maximized effect. Removing sagging skin on the eyelid by incision below eyebrow. Effective result Droopy eyelid. This is surgery removing sagging skin below the eye brow.


Bridgeplasty: designed just right for your face: natural and high ideal height in balance with the tip.

Tip Plasty: Base of the nose to widen slightly with bulbous tip. Defined nose which creates harmonious face.Natural tip balanced with the bridge

Cosmetic Services





Non-Invasive Facial Procedure

Explore our extensive portfolio of non-invasive facial technology such as Picosure, Revlite, Oxyjet and so forth.



Remove undesired tattoos without residual scarring with our new innovative, PressureWave technology: Picosure. 

Non-Invasive Body

Experience our array of advanced laser technology such as but not limited to: IPL, Sculpsure and BTL to reduce fat, laser hair, lift and tighten the skin. 

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are easy, manageable and tailored specifically to frame your face and enhance your natural beauty.    


Surgical Facial Procedure

Undergo our safe surgical facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery and anti-aging eyelid surgery to amplify your best self.


Hair/Nail Care

Indulge and pamper yourself with our hair and nail care services performed by highly trained, friendly and attentive staff in the salon. 


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