Skin Aging, Wrinkles & Dry Skin: Solved with Grapes


Weather Change

cold weather and dry skin

dry skin and hot weather

If you are someone who mainly lives in the heat and humidity, going for a trip to somewhere cold like Canada or Alaska or any other cold place where it’s often too cold even for moisture to be in the air, getting dry skin is expected. And it also goes vice versa if you are from cold countries

Not enough Water

benefits of drinking water, re-hydration

Beef jerky, dried fish, dried fruits, they all don’t have enough water, they all look wrinkly; like dull skin with rough, scaly texture. Yes, not drinking enough water will also cause wrinkles because moisture is a very important part of maintaining your skin and slowing down the aging process.

Wrong use of cosmetic products

Too much of anything is bad for you, this includes over-cleaning your skin or too much acid on your skin. You should be aware of the ingredients used in your products, and make sure they are not harming both you and the environment around you.


It’s one of the toughest challenges we face as humans. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and moisture, which causes the skin to sag and crease.

Home Remedy / Do it Yourself (DIY) SOLUTION for dry skin: