Disk Syndrome

Disks are protective pads which lie between the bones of the spine.Disks in the neck and low back can be bulged and decayed and this will cause pain. If the desk pinches the nerve in the neck, it will cause pain in the neck, head, shoulder, and arm. If you have Disk Syndrome in low back, it will make you suffer to your hips, legs, and feet.

Low Back Pain

Nowadays, 80 per cent of people are facing low back pain and this problem is negatively affecting to people's living. We can treat low back pain by Chiropractic and Physiotherapy methods, as well as life-style modification. FaceLine Cambodia is the first clinic in Cambodia that utilizes latest research and treatment methods. We have a very high success rate in helping our patients achieve a long term cure to their low back problems, even after other methods of treatment or surgery have failed. 

Neck pain

Neck Pain is a general problem which is effectively cured by Chiropractic. According to some studies in America and Europe, Chiropractic care is extremely effective in relieving most kinds of neck pain. Our necks are complex and very important but they are easily effected both physical and emotional stress every day. Most people, who work with computers or sit most of the day, will develop some ongoing neck pain. Chiropractic will solve this problem.


At Face line Cambodia, we have a high success rate of treating many different kinds of knee (or joints) pain from degenerative arthritis to sporting injuries.If one of your family members has knee pain, it can greatly impact the quality of living even walking short distance also painful.


Nine out often people are facing headaches. People have different condition of headache: occasional and frequent, and some patients start from primary to serious headaches and some cases cause nausea.New research shows that Chiropractic is the most effective choice for all people's headaches especially those who have headache that originally caused by neck pain.


Scoliosis is caused by many parts of spine. Generally, this problem often occurs in children and adolescents and mostly female. People, who have Scoliosis, are in the age between 10 and 15. Therefore, Parents should pay attention to the symptoms below for early detection of scoliosis.


It is a chronic (long-lasting) inflammatory disease of the airways. This inflammation causes the airways narrow. The individual then must wheeze or gasp for air or use Ventoline to help. Chiropractic helps to ease the nerve around the airways to help patient breath better. 


Normally insomnia causes by stress, chiropractic helps to lessen the tense on the shoulders, neck so that the person feels relax and sleepy.

Organ Function

When some organ is not functioning well, means some nerves is been blocked and that organ could not receive the signal from the brain to function. Chiropractic helps to unblock the nerves so that the organ can get signal for its function.

Surgery Prevention 

For patients that need surgery due to back pain, the back bone will be injured caused by the surgery itself. Chiropractic is a better option that helps to eliminate the pain and prevent patient s to have surgery.


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